village of Kalives

If you’ve been over to my wife Despina’s blog you know that we went on a Greek ‘odyssey’ this summer. I’ll never forget the trip for many reasons, but the most memorable for me was that for the first time I had the opportunity to visit family in another part of the world. Being welcomed into a distant relative’s home, eating their food and being witness to their lifestyle was incredible and unlike anything I had experienced before. These drawings were made in the village of Kalives on the island of Crete, where my mother-in-law is from and where many of my days were spent this summer.

town square of Kalives


the boats on the river Xydas



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    I linked your website to my hair blog. Hopefully you won’t mind being associated with my hair blog as I am family. I will do the same for Despina – pass it on!

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