Retrofitting Your Aircraft

Here is a piece I worked on last month for The Robb Report’s Private Aviation Sourcebook. The piece was about how to “retrofit” your aircraft, basically a plane “make-over”. It was fun to do and a chance to play around with a relatively straight forward piece. I’d love to hear what you think.  Read More

New work for SMA

Senior Market Advisor offered me this very interesting editorial last month about estate planning for senior women. It was challenging but I’m happy with how I solved it and I think a really interesting image came out of it. If interested, you can read the article here.  Read More

Earth Day

Happy EARTH DAY everyone. I was doing a bit of reading on the subject and I came across the EPA’s “It’s My Environment” promotion. And while I didn’t make a sign and a video, the promotion did get me thinking about my environment and what I can do to care for it. Recently I’ve been considering some “upgrades” to my back yard, and it only took me and google a few minutes to find countless ways to... Read More