more drawings from Santorini

well I’m beginning to realize that I really made a lot of drawings in Greece. I didn’t think I’d still be posting in November, but hey it’s like a constant reminder of beautiful weather and even more beautiful views. Here are three more from Santorini. The Bay of Amoudi, the blue domed churches of Oia and a panoramic view of the island.

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4 Responses to “more drawings from Santorini”
  1. Zo says:

    your drawings are gorgeous, i love your style

  2. Greg says:

    thank you Zo. Appreciate you having a look at my work.

  3. Larry Stout says:


    Very artful work! My wife and I are traveling to Greece in September and we’ll spend 4 days on Santorini. What would you charge for a custom drawing, with some color, of some scene there? Much prefer such a souvenir to a T-shirt with a map of Greece that reads “I’ve got Greece on my shirt.”


  4. Greg says:

    Hi Larry,
    You’re going to love Santorini, it’s like no where else on earth. I will email you privately about the commission, thank you.

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