The last of Greece

I’ve been posting since August about my trip to Greece this summer. I hope you’ve enjoyed the work. I’ve finally come to last of the reportage drawings so I’m going to conclude this series with a few very different (from eachother) pieces. The first are 2 are from the island of Santorini. The next from the Melidoni cave in Crete and lastly a few from Athens.... Read More

more drawings from Santorini


well I’m beginning to realize that I really made a lot of drawings in Greece. I didn’t think I’d still be posting in November, but hey it’s like a constant reminder of beautiful weather and even more beautiful views. Here are three more from Santorini. The Bay of Amoudi, the blue domed churches of Oia and a panoramic view of the island. now you can follow... Read More

lines from Santorini

Here are 2 drawings from my trip to Santorini. I often try to, but this one was a time where I was really able to let the situation dictate the art. These line drawings are different from anything I’ve done before, but they are right. Not that there aren’t other right solutions, but this was right that day. I had never been there before so doesn’t it makes sense... Read More

Samaria Gorge

Here are a few drawings I made as Despina and I walked through the back of the famous gorge. By walking through the back, I mean we started the hike from the end rather than take the 10 mile walk through the Cretan mountains. Hey, we had limited time, so we did what we could, plus neither of us had the right shoes! Read more about the gorge here.  Read More

Cretan performers

This was a great night spent in a Cretan village. Seeing traditional dance and live bouzouki players was incredible. It’s the kind of night that makes you really appreciate the ability to make a reportage drawing.  Read More

more from Kalives

Continuing my reportage of Greece, here are a few more drawings and some watercolors from the village of Kalives. the out-of-control telephone wires on the tiny village roads the sun baked buildings and the tropical flora the boats on the river Xydas road through one of the many olive groves  Read More

village of Kalives

If you’ve been over to my wife Despina’s blog you know that we went on a Greek ‘odyssey’ this summer. I’ll never forget the trip for many reasons, but the most memorable for me was that for the first time I had the opportunity to visit family in another part of the world. Being welcomed into a distant relative’s home, eating their food and being... Read More