Investment Advisor


I’m really pleased to share this series I illustrated for Investment Advisor magazine. The topic is heavy, depression and suicide among retired men, and I wanted the illustrations to carry that kind of weight as well. I decided to use textured, somewhat “messy” backgrounds with shaky graphic lines, and slightly uncomfortable designs for the figures…hopefully... Read More

Guitar Aficionado


An amazing illustration commission came to me about a month ago. I was asked to illustrate a story about a 100 foot tall Honduran Mahogany that has become a legend to guitar makers. The tree was found and felled nearly 50 years ago, but it fell in a ravine and could not be extricated. 16 years later it was rediscovered, purchased, and it’s figuring and pattern (in the grain... Read More

Retirement Advisor


Here are a few spots I did for Retirement Advisor magazine. The illustrations were all based on quotes by leading retirement-financial advisors. The “money-boat” was based on a quote about targeting areas where money is in motion. The party-goers under the stars illustrates a specific charitable event, “An Evening Under the Stars”. The original quote is about... Read More

Waitrose Kitchen


I had a chance to learn about cricket! Waitrose Kitchen, the magazine of the British luxury supermarket chain Waitrose, asked me to do a series of illustrations to accompany a story about ‘team’ of cricket player chefs, restaurateurs and foodies. Unusual combination, but I always enjoy illustrating a topic I know very little about. Here are the drawings of the cricket... Read More

Public Speaking


Apparently Pearson has been publishing this book for quite some time and was looking to update the cover. From what I was told they always use illustrated covers for this series, so I was thrilled when my work was selected for the ninth edition. Public speaking has never been my favorite activity, but it was a fun cover to do! And I hope it helps me warm to the idea of speaking... Read More

DRAFT magazine


Sometimes I’m amazed at just how fitting a job is for me…as if the client knew me in advance. When I was asked to illustrate a feature for DRAFT magazine, I was thrilled. For those that know me, I’m a HUGE fan of craft beer and DRAFT asked me to illustrate a beer release party! Needless to say this was a fun piece to do…I even used a few friends as models…and... Read More

NHL Stadium Series Animation!


Happy New Year everyone! I couldn’t be more excited to share my latest commission with you…an animation for the inaugural games of the National Hockey League’s Stadium Series! It will air for the first time on New Year’s Day during the Winter Classic on NBC. From the time I became interested in illustration as a career I have wanted to work in film and motion.... Read More