Downtowns for NJ Monthly

Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ drawing

I was commissioned this summer to work on a reportage assignment for NJ Monthly magazine. Being born and raised in New Jersey it was just that much better to be asked to drive around the state to visit and draw different “landmarks” throughout to help make the case for the best downtowns in New Jersey. I had a great time. Here are the drawings which appeared in the magazine... Read More

Bob Dylan Cover

Bob Dylan Book Cover

Last year I attended a Bob Dylan concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York. I made a few drawings, and David Gaines, the author of a new book on Bob Dylan, saw one of the drawings which I had posted on One Drawing A Day and asked if he could use it for the cover! As a fan and admirer of Dylan, I could not be happier that I made those drawings. Here is the book, a display at BookPeople... Read More

Art in Space

Chicago reportage drawings by Greg Betza

I’m excited to share this latest bit of good news with you. I was contacted earlier this year by a company designing a new Chicago office space for a global consulting firm. The company had seen my reportage drawings of Chicago and thought they would make a great addition to the space. I’m truly satisfied when I do work that I love and enjoy doing and someone finds a... Read More

American Family Insurance

Continuous line illustration by Greg Betza

I have been working on a large series of illustrations for American Family Insurance. With Father’s Day just passing I’m happy to post this first illustration because I was able to use my son as my model. This Shel Silverstein inspired ad is appearing regionally in issues of Sports Illustrated.  Read More

Chicago Magazine


Had a chance to do some intricate line drawing for this illustration! It was interesting, and almost therapeutic, drawing all of these buildings and windows and streets and antenna and, and, and… And then I got to loosen up and work on a few lifestyle spots of  things happening in front of the architecture. Great layout by the AD too.  Read More

Four Seasons Magazine

watercolor illustration by greg betza

I was recently asked to create an illustration for Four Seasons Magazine. The story is about how children in Shanghai, a city with very little “green”, are being educated about the environment. I was really inspired by the opportunity to add a cultural feel to the illustration. Here is the final watercolor.  Read More

National Underwriter

Greg Betza financial illustration

My latest illustration was done for the cover of National Underwriter magazine. I pitched a few conceptual ideas about the “Independent Financial Professional” and ultimately they chose my financial landscape. Had fun with this one.  Read More