Last month I was asked by a good friend of mine to collaborate on a long-term project. He plans to write a significant number of short stories and asked if I’d like to illustrate them. Lately I find it had to find time for anything, but I’ve wanted to create new work, in new ways, […]

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I had the privilege to travel to Hawaii this month. Everything you’ve heard is true. The place is paradise. I literally made some of these paintings at a place called the Garden of Eden. I was constantly inspired by the landscape, the beauty just doesn’t end. The worst part of the trip was that I […]

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Delirium and the Joker


Sketch night at the Society of Illustrators took on a comic twist a few weeks ago, featuring models dressed as Neil Gaiman‘s Delirium from the comic book series The Sandman and the Joker from Batman. Not my usual subject matter, but I had a great time drawing them. It’s always nice to work with different […]

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Scooter LaForge at SOI


[sgmb id=”1″]I was fortunate to have the opportunity to draw #ScooterLaForge’s fashions last week at the Society of Illustrators. If you’ve read my post from earlier this year you’d know just how wildly inventive and unpredictable his fashions are. It is a dream to draw. Here are the drawings… Thank you to the Society, Scooter […]

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