Neutral Milk Hotel


It’s been a few months since I did a reportage at a concert so it felt great to get out and draw. Neutral Milk Hotel is a special band. I’ve been a fan since the 90s and,without getting into detail, they haven’t toured since. Last year they announced a world tour, which almost completely sold out instantly. Yes, they’re the most popular, best band you’ve... Read More

Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium


As many of you know, I designed and illustrated the animated commercial for the 2014 NHL Stadium Series. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to witness the action first-hand. I thought it would be great to draw from the actual event…so I did. I have to say it wasn’t the easiest event to capture, with temperatures in the low 20s to high teens, my hands didn’t always... Read More

Death Project II & III

A few months back I posted some illustrations from a series called “The Death Project“. The illustrations were commissioned by Senior Market Advisor magazine to highlight end of life financial issues that we all have to deal with but are either uneducated about or unaware of. The articles were interesting and I enjoyed the education. I’d love to hear what you think. ... Read More



Last week, Studio 1482 illustrator Dominick Santise and I attended the Workbook Creative Carnival in Chicago. We then spent the next 2 days creating reportage drawings around the city. Now I love NY, but Chicago is like a friendly, clean, slightly more relaxed version…which frankly is nice from time to time. We navigated the city by foot, walking from landmark to landmark,... Read More

Workbook Creative Carnival 2013-CHICAGO!


Workbook held its annual Creative Carnival last Thursday in Chicago. Fellow Studio 1482 member Dominick Santise and I decided to hop in a car and drive from NY/NJ out to the windy city. We had a great trip and even better time at the carnival. What’s better than showcasing what you love to do in the company of people that are interested in what you love to do, and having a... Read More

The Monochrome Set


I was privileged to be asked to photograph The Monochrome Set on their recent tour of the US. Having not played in the States for over 30 years, I was truly intrigued by what I would see, and I was blown away by their performances. During the shoot I was able to put the camera down for a few moments to make a portrait of each of the band members. Anyway, if you’ve never heard... Read More

Intiland 2013 Calendar


Happy New Year everyone! I’m excited to share a great commission I received late last year. I was asked to create 13 illustrations (12 months, 1 cover) for the Indonesian real estate firm, Intiland’s, 2013 calendar. Each illustration had to feature an Intiland property and have a lifestyle concept based on the property. It was challenging, and I actually did the job... Read More