Raul Peñaranda


Here are drawings from last week’s Society of Illustrators special sketch night featuring the designs of Raul Peñaranda. #penarandaworld #soi128 #gregbetza #illustration #fashion    Read More

Scooter LaForge at SOI


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to draw #ScooterLaForge’s fashions last week at the Society of Illustrators. If you’ve read my post from earlier this year you’d know just how wildly inventive and unpredictable his fashions are. It is a dream to draw. Here are the drawings… Thank you to the Society, Scooter and Ted Michalowski for hosting the event. #gazellepaulo... Read More

Mont Saint-Michel and Honfleur

reportage drawing by Greg Betza

Thanks to a very good friend I had the opportunity to visit these two amazing places. Mont Saint-Michel is out of a fairy tale. I can’t imagine there is another place on earth like it. Its abbey reaches so high to the sky as if it is literally reaching for God. I did a few quick drawings and this painting which really cannot capture what I saw. I feel like I’d need a... Read More

Circus Performance

Pen & Ink drawing by Greg Betza

Last week at the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night two very talented acrobats performed their brand of contortion and feats of strength, and mixed in a few fashion poses to boot. I enjoyed the variety, the interesting shapes they created with their bodies as well as the surprise of each pose. You really never knew what was coming next. The poses were also very quick, which... Read More


Japanes Fashion illustration by Greg Betza

Last night was a beautiful night of drawing at the Society of Illustrators. Geisha Glamour Night, featuring Japanese Kimono’s and Obi’s graciously provided by Natori. Thank you to the SOI and Bil Donovan for hosting.    Read More


Drawing by Greg Betza

Its taken me a few weeks to get these drawings shot and ready, but finally here they are. This series is with the models, Emperor Vanity and Chip Cirrhosis. Interesting names, interesting models. The costumes were elaborate but tasteful, and they did seem to intentionally carry a deeper meaning. I had heard about Vanity and had never had the opportunity to draw him until this night... Read More

Scooter LaForge

fashion illustration-greg betza

Last Thursday night I was back at the Society of Illustrators drawing fashions created by artist/designer Scooter LaForge. Aside from a few photos I saw online I really didn’t know what to expect, and after seeing his work, I don’t know that I could’ve been prepared! I mean that in a good way! His work is surreal, spontaneous, very New York, and simply interesting.... Read More