figure drawing in ink

Fun night at the Society of Illustrators last Thursday, a tattooed model. It was my first experience drawing body art, and I really enjoyed it. The only issue was that this man had such an interesting face that that was really all I wanted to draw, but I was there for the tattoos so I did manage to keep my focus there. Ha, the problems I have! I drew a ton that night, but managed... Read More


Pen & Ink fashion illustration

I had such a great time drawing at the Society of Illustrators last week that I came back again last Thursday for their fashion drawing night. The designer Raul Peñaranda provided 4 stunning garments from his collection for the event. Here are some of the drawings I made that night. Thank you to Bil Donovan for hosting the event.  Read More

Nerdlesque sketch night

Sketch night at Society of Illustrators

I finally made it to a sketch night at the Society of Illustrators. The theme was “the Hunger Games Nerdlesque“, which I am not familiar with, but I did my best to capture what the models were putting out. It is always great to draw and even better when you’re sitting at the Society, surrounded by the world’s greatest illustration. Thanks to Ted Michalowski... Read More

Workbook Creative Carnival…


…I’ll be drawing live from the models and performers THIS THURSDAY! If you’re in the creative field and would like to attend, please RSVP here: I’ll be sharing the floor with fellow Studio 1482 illustrators Despina Georgiadis, Dominick Santise and Eddie Peña. Here is a link to last year’s event: Creative Carnival 2013  Read More

Wye Oak


I went to see the band Wye Oak a few nights ago at Webster Hall in New York City. I’ve been a fan for a while, but this was the first time I’ve seen them live. As just a 2 piece they really fill the space with sound and take over the room in their own unique waya. The set was the perfect mix of new and old. I enjoyed the show and really enjoyed making these drawings. ... Read More

Made in New Jersey


I’m excited to announce that I will be showing my work at Made in New Jersey, taking place at Gallery 51 in Montclair, NJ. Along with Studio 1482 illustrator Despina Georgiadis, and 8 other amazing illustrators (all living and working in NJ), we plan to show the great work that has, and continues to be created in the garden state. The show opens THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 19TH so... Read More

Sketching The Line


I’m honored to be included in the Canadian ART IN TRANSIT show “Sketching The Line”, an exhibition of reportage drawings made while of commuters and subway-goers. Back in 2007-8 I took advantage of my time on NYC subways by drawing anyone I could. For practice, yes, and because I just love to do it. I find that the older I get, my career and the opportunities presented... Read More