Last month I was asked by a good friend of mine to collaborate on a long-term project. He plans to write a significant number of short stories and asked if I’d like to illustrate them. Lately I find it had to find time for anything, but I’ve wanted to create new work, in new ways, […]

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I’m excited to share a project I worked on last year for the Danzante family of wines. Danzante, or dancing, was in the process of a brand redesign, including their labels, and I was asked to create drawings of dancers. Anyone who knows me or my work knows that I love drawing things in motion, […]

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Scientific American WorldView


I’m excited to share some illustrations I created last month for Scientific American WorldView.  The 6 illustrations all had the common theme of biotechnology in New Jersey…and being from New Jersey I was rather proud to hear that the garden state “is an unyielding driver of 21st-century biotech innovation.” Would love to hear what you think. […]

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I had the privilege to travel to Hawaii this month. Everything you’ve heard is true. The place is paradise. I literally made some of these paintings at a place called the Garden of Eden. I was constantly inspired by the landscape, the beauty just doesn’t end. The worst part of the trip was that I […]

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New work for RCI


A few months back I was thrilled to get a call from RCI.  I was commissioned to conceptualize and illustrate a gate fold insert and brochure for their vacation exchange service. It was challenging, but the team was great to work with and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’d love to hear […]

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