Jail Violence for ProPublica

jail violence by greg betza

I was asked to illustrate another piece about the explosion of violence in the California jail system. Rather than choose a specific incident to illustrate I decided to created an image to symbolize all of the victims. Below are the sketches I submitted. They appreciated the variety, and I appreciated that. I’ve included some process […]

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Carbon Credits for ProPublica

Last week I was commissioned to create another series of illustrations for ProPublica, this time the topic was Carbon Credits. Carbon Credits are benefits awarded for projects that reduce pollution through forest preservation. To clarify here is what journalist Lisa Song has written “In case after case, I found that carbon credits hadn’t offset the […]

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I was recently commissioned to create a series of illustrations about the crisis in the California jail system, specifically Fresno county. Overcrowding, gangs, violence and overall poor conditions have contributed to more than a few tragedies. And the outlook is not promising. The reporting is shocking and important so please have a read if you […]

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