Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers)

As some of you know my drawings appear on Crooked Fingers’s release Breaks in the Armor as well as the acoustic version of the same album. Crooked Fingers aka Eric Bachmann has been one of my favorite artists for years (since I was in high school!) and last night I was happy to attend a special performance at […]

Recent Commissions



I was commissioned by Bloomingdales to ‘live-paint’ portraits of their customers. It was so nice to see their clients’ faces when they saw their likenesses appearing on paper. I don’t often talk about art with people who are not artists and it amazed me how impressed and fascinated they are by the process of creating art. […]

Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ drawing

Downtowns for NJ Monthly

I was commissioned this summer to work on a reportage assignment for NJ Monthly magazine. Being born and raised in New Jersey it was just that much better to be asked to drive around the state to visit and draw different “landmarks” throughout to help make the case for the best downtowns in New Jersey. […]

Bob Dylan Book Cover

Bob Dylan Cover

Last year I attended a Bob Dylan concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York. I made a few drawings, and David Gaines, the author of a new book on Bob Dylan, saw one of the drawings which I had posted on One Drawing A Day and asked if he could use it for the […]